George Petropoulos

Myrtle Beach SC
Portrait, Travel and Fine Art photographer

          My name is George Petropoulos. I grew up in Calgary, Canada and now call Myrtle Beach, South Carolina my home. I am a location portrait photographer, and cardiologist, who absolutely loves the art of photography and everything that comes with it. I appreciate the people I meet, the places I go, the hours I keep, and the spontaneity in every shoot. I appreciate the raw reality of everyday life, the fleeting beauty of those in-between moments, and I do my very best to take every picture with that in mind. I want my viewers and clients to relate to my photographs through recognition of and familiarity with the situations, the emotions, and the uniqueness of the energy so much that they wonder if they are looking at a picture of someone they know or a place they’ve imagined.

       Please visit my portfolio to see some of my favorite images from recent photoshoots. 

Click here to see my portfolio

       Do not forget to connect with me through your favorite social media platform. (Hint: Facebook is where you will find me most often)

       If you have any questions about my work or would like to talk about working together, please do not hesitate to get in touch using the " contact me" link above.

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